Baptism Into Another World — D. Bonhoeffer

The breach with the world which has been effected in Christ can no longer remain hidden; it must come out into the open through membership of the Church and participation in its life and worship.  When he joins the Church the Christian steps out of the world, his work and family, taking his stand visibly in the fellowship of Jesus Christ.  He takes this step alone.  But he recovers what he has surrendered – brothers, sisters, houses, and fields.  Those who have been baptized live in the visible community of Christ.
                                          – Dietrich  Bonhoeffer


2 thoughts on “Baptism Into Another World — D. Bonhoeffer

  1. Bonhoeffer!… Great man!… The Cost of Discipleship!… Great book!…

    And yeah, the picture is a little silly…
    I’ll replace it with something ‘better’ someday…
    For now, I just wanted to get something there… 🙂

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