Family Quotes

Family Quotes

“It’s no fun when people help each other.”
–        Tanner

“When I tried to explain it to Ambyr, she confused me.”
–        Kortney

“I figure, if they wanted me to get a hold of them, they would have called me.”
– Shelly

“It [my good mood] hasn’t been gone.  I’ve just been a little cranky.”
– Shelly

“It’s larger than a cantaloupe, and faster.”
– Tanner (about an African animal called an eland)

“Shamus, I’m gonna use you as a human napkin.”
– Tanner (as he wiped something off his hand onto the dog)

Kortney:  “It was a woolly mammal.”
Ambyr:  “You mean, it was a sheep?”

“I’m so nice, I hate myself.”
– Kortney

“It’s really good!  You’ll hate it.”
– Brynn

“Try it! It hurts!”
— Brynn

“You would think: It’s fast food – an idiot could do it… Well, there’s an idiot there, and he can’t do it!”
– Kortney (mildly frustrated with her job at Burger King)

“You look like an idiot.  Where’s my Bible?”
— Shelly (spoken to Tanner as he was going from the car into church in 20 degree weather in a t-shirt and ski cap)

“Apparently, my sins aren’t good enough.”
– Brynn (after her Bible teacher made her redo an assignment listing several specific sins)

“Those who know my past don’t believe in my future.”
— Trent

“Some of them are cheaters… Like… Legitimately cheaters.”
— Ambyr

“They weren’t there to fight. They were there to hand out food. How stupid is that?”
— Todd (referring to the American troops in Somalia under Bush I)

“I want to be a midget — just for Halloween.”
— Ambyr

“You could not think think of one quote for me with all of my strong opinions, and truth seeking baloney?”
— Tim


8 thoughts on “Family Quotes

  1. I notice that none of your quotes are on here. I could think of tons! Maybe I’ll start my own blogs..I’ll call it “Stewartism: The Comedy”

  2. it was so great to see all of you.its 6:45 am on sunday morning and saw this blog i guess is what you call it and had to tell you i love each and every one of you as i did when we all lived together when you were kids.gods speed and i will see and talk to you you all. kathy

  3. Wow! You could not think think of one quote for me with all of my strong opinions, and truth seeking baloney? Should I feel left out?

    • Well… I only began collecting these quotes a couple of years ago. If I were to think back to yesteryear, there would no doubt be an avalanche Timmy-isms. But now I think we’ve got a perfect one from the present. Heh heh heh… [?]

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