Deuteronomy 7:6-11, a Meditation

This is a Scripture Meditation that I wrote about six years ago…

Why does God choose a people to call His own?  Not for any worth or merit in us.  True to His nature as a promise-keeping God, He remains faithful.  But why does He cut covenants with us in the first place – especially knowing, as He does, that we will surely fail Him.  He loves us, that’s why. 

But why does He love us?  This Deuteronomy passage does not answer this question.  In fact, no passage of Scripture that I can think of will ever answer this question directly.  Why does YHWH love people?  I don’t know… He just does.  And I am glad.  It appears that we must simply say that it is in His nature to do so.  YHWH is love, after all.

But two other things need to be seen from this passage in Deuteronomy 7.  First of all, YHWH’s love is not a gooey-syrupy or wimpy milktoast love.  God is not like some heavenly golden retriever.  He does not just slobber with love all over all the people of the earth, regardless of their wickedness.  At the same level of passion with which He loves His people, He will despise and destroy YHWH-haters.  Indeed, surrounding this passage of Deuteronomy, is much text devoted to the destruction of Israel’s enemies as a sign of YHWH’s love for them.

And second, we must not miss the very obvious.  YHWH’s love is catalytic.  It spurs Him into action.  Because of His love for us, YHWH must work for our redemption and rescue.  With a mighty hand, He brings us out of slavery and death.

Praise be to our loving and strong Redeemer forever and ever!  Amen.


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