Habakkuk, a Meditation

This is a Scripture Meditation that I wrote about six years ago…

            For years now, I have enjoyed reading Scripture while listening to music.  I have read battle scenes while listening to my Braveheart soundtrack.  The soundtrack to The Raiders of the Lost Ark has a piece called “The Opening of the Ark.”  You may be familiar with it.  I have used it many times to heighten the impact of the story of the Angle of YHWH slaying 185,000 Assyrian troops in the days of Hezekiah.

            I have just read through the book of Habakkuk while listening to my newly acquired soundtrack to The Return of the King.  The orcish music of Isengard and Mordor goes very well with the passage telling of the violence of the Chaldean hordes.

And the more grand and thunderous pieces are terrific accompaniment to Habakkuk’s descriptions of the power of YHWH God.  “He has rays from His hand…  He looked and startled the nations…  the perpetual mountains were shattered…  the mountains saw You and quaked…  in anger You did trample the nations…  I heard and my inward parts trembled…”

            Poor Habakkuk knows that a day of judgment is coming soon.  Men of violence will ravage God’s land and His people.  Yet Habakkuk has a great hope.  “You did go forth for the salvation of Your people… I will exult in the LORD, I will rejoice in the God of my salvation.  The Lord GOD is my strength, …” 

            The same fierce God who will bring retributive justice upon His people will also be their great Savior.  I always think of Jeremiah’s words in this connection:  “YHWH is with me like a dread champion…” 

            How awesome and ominous is our God!  I find it so healthy for my soul to tremble before His for ferocity long periods.  Then, when I finally turn my thoughts to His loving Fatherhood, I am staggered all the more by His tenderness.


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