Death of Death Post has been Updated

Hello, friends!
For those who have an interest in my “Death of Death” post of a couple of weeks ago, you might enjoy another look at it now. I have just edited/updated it in light of the release of the Mosaic Bible.
BTW, the title they gave to it there was “Facing Death,” and though I had thought it was to be part of the Easter readings, it’s actually included as part of the meditation for Week 4 of Pentecost.


2 thoughts on “Death of Death Post has been Updated

  1. I would have titled it, “Don’t Fear the Reaper”. I’m currently sitting in Cellular and Molecular Biology class, and we are discussing the problem of death, the causal problem of death. No one knows why we die! Did you know that? Really we should technically be able to live forever with our cells replenishing themselves, but for some reason they stop… why? Who knows! I can’t believe I’m paying to take this class…

    • “Don’t Fear the Reaper?”… That’s hilarious!… Are you a Blue Oyster Cult fan?
      No one can give a ‘scientific’ answer to the question of why we die?… That’s actually quite deep!… Tends to throw us back to Genesis 3, doesn’t it?… Hmmmmmmmm… 😉

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