More Damaging than Fuel Emissions: Cadillac’s Worst

In some recent reading, I came across this:

A fever for expansion continued to grasp New France as it did New Spain…. Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, who founded Detroit, helped to build up a strong central base and told missionaries to get on with their job, to instruct the natives first as “subjects to the king, and afterwards… Christians.”
— from Pilgrims In Their Own Land by Martin Marty

This is just one example, of course, but I find it so galling to think that the Christian faith could ever be used as such an imperial pawn!… But alas… I glance over at my shelf and see the Sarah Palin book that I received for Christmas, and I remember…


2 thoughts on “More Damaging than Fuel Emissions: Cadillac’s Worst

  1. What’s interesting to me about ‘Christian faith being used as a pawn’ is this: I feel like Christians in America today think they are ‘unoppressed’ and ‘free’ to practice their religion. They would say that there is no force trying to oppress us here. But the truth is, as you mentioned in an article earlier, ‘state’ and ‘market’ are the most hidden oppression we’ve ever seen. We don’t fearing persecution, torture, and martyrdom here, but while we don’t fear market and state… we should! How do you fight something you don’t acknowledge exists? M&S has realized the power in religion since forever ago, and if they can bend it to their will, they can use that power for their devices. Christians will die for Christ. If you can convince Christians that what you want is what Christ wants, well they will even die for you… I could say more on this but only at peril of offending many people. Perhaps better to be discussed in private, if you are free this Friday evening let me know!

    • It seems that you and I are thinking very much the same thoughts, my friend!
      I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but there seem to be two levels of Christian awareness of these matters. There is the hip, trendy version, which is apparently driven — at least, in part — by some emergent taste for a little social justice. This is where we find Christian T-shirts (etc.) encouraging us to “resist the empire” — turns out there is a pretty good market for it… (heh heh)
      Then there are those who see a bit deeper, those for whom it is not just some passing trend. I aim to be one of these.
      Remember our CCT class?… At that time I said I felt a lot of respect for the Anabaptist/Mennonite wing of the church. At this point, if it weren’t for a couple of little theological sticking points, I would be about ready to go Mennonite… Who knows what the Lord has in store?…
      But I do have some predictions about the next generation or so of the church in America (assuming the Lord does not return, which I do not). I hope to post something on this soon…
      Anyway, yes, by all means, come on over Friday night! We can make an evening of it, if you like! And bring anyone along whom you might want!
      I pray the Lord’s deep, deep shalom for you this day, my brother!

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