Talking with Mormons in a Cold Garage

Somewhere back around October or November, 2009, we were visited by a couple of Mormon “elders.” They were very nice young guys, and I stood in the driveway and had a pleasant conversation with them. Not long after that, they came back and we visited again for a while. Before too long, we arranged for them to come by on a semi-regular basis. And by the time we came into this calendar year (I think it was sometime around then), we were meeting for an hour every Wednesday afternoon. Sometimes I couldn’t keep the appointment, and a few times, they couldn’t, but for the most part, we have done it each week for months now. We usually had to meet in my garage because of licensing restrictions involved with Shelly’s daycare business. In the winter months, it was often pretty cold (and a bit messy), but we muddled through.
Over the course of these eight months or so, I have met a number of Mormon folks in the context of these conversations. From what I understand, their mission leaders sometimes switch them around from one territory to another. And sometimes one will finish his two-year mission and head home. And I suppose there are sometimes other reasons that one or the other would be replaced by a new face. So it was that the two young men who sat in my backyard with me yesterday (it was a much nicer day than most so far this year 🙂 ) were not the same two who had originally come by back in the fall. Also, for a period of several weeks during the cold and rainy part of our winter, they were bringing with them an older gentleman from the local “ward.”
Several weeks ago, I gave two of them my e-mail address and the address of The Long War. While they are on their mission, they are under certain restrictions which include something of a suspension of e-mail and internet use. But they took down the info and said that they would be in contact when their missions were over. For one of them, that comes this weekend. He will be back in his home town next week, and I hope that he is able to drop by and leave a comment here. Likewise, I hope to hear from as many of the others as possible, if for no other reason than to find out more about them than I could while they were on their missions.
I have been planning to write some posts about my interaction with these guys for months now. But I am only now getting around to it. And I suppose that that is partly because I can sense that our visits are winding down. Actually, I don’t know whether we will have any more. The elder who just had his final Wednesday with me was probably the most constant presence over the whole thing. And I get the feeling that, with his absence, our visits will soon come to an end. But that’s okay, particularly because it seems that we’re all talked out.
Anyway, I really enjoyed getting to know them—insofar as I was able (I expect to write about the difficulty in that regard in a future post). And I thought I would simply use this first post in the “Mormons Talks” category by saying what I have said so far and then saying a fond “hello” to them.
So, to Elders Wyler, Byington, Smartt, Burkett; to Hal and to all the other elders who have been by to visit, Hello! I have really enjoyed our discussions. You are always welcome here, and if you come by during non-daycare hours, we’ll have you in and probably feed you dinner! 🙂 If you get a chance to drop by The Long War (TLW), please leave a greeting and comment on something.

Coming soon (Lord-willing), I hope to offer a few posts offering my thoughts on LDS teaching and so forth having had the past two-thirds of a year to discuss it with its primary representatives.


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