Frustrated about “Pages”

So here’s the weird thing… I’m not sure what use the separate “pages” are, since they won’t seem to hold separate posts. Perhaps that’s a feature that doesn’t come with my free WordPress blog.
Anyway, when I first made the page, “Guest Posts,” I thought I could make a new post for any time a friend who did not have a blog of his or her own wanted to post something here on TLW. But I can’t get it to work like that.

One of my cousins has taken me up on the offer to write a guest post and has sent his writing to me. For now, the best thing I can figure out to do is to insert his writing into a post like this one. But I’m going to post his first and then this one, so that visitors to TLW will see this note first and then scroll down to his guest post. Does that make sense?
Hopefully, this will only be a temporary way of doing this…
Gotta figure out how to do it better…


2 thoughts on “Frustrated about “Pages”

    • Thanks, Happyflower (Do we know each other?)…
      But that’s not the problem. I have a few different pages. What I wanted to do was have multiple posts in each page. But apparently, I can only do that on my “Home” page.
      I did try again just now though, and I reposted my cousin’s writing as a new page under “Guest Posts” as a parent page. Then I went to my main page and clicked the tab for my Guest Post page, and it was nowhere to be found.
      I just don’t get it…
      But thanks for trying to help. 🙂

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