A Little Enlightenment about Liberalism

Rodney Clapp’s book, Border Crossings: Christian Trespasses on Popular Culture and Public Affairs is something of a modern classic for those of us who care about the political ramifications of the kingdom of God. It is actually a collection of essays of different sorts. But a number of them have done such a great job of illuminating the center of some very central issues that I find myself returning to it from time to time.
One of the major themes that underlies many of the currents of political discussion that visitors to TLW will find herein is that of Enlightenment Liberalism. And Clapp’s fourth essay, “Nothin’ But Us Liberals Here” does so much to shed light on it.
So I have scanned it and am putting here in this post as a Word doc (Click on the title below). It is short and simple, yet very helpful.
(The cover and copyright page are included, for anyone who might want such data.)

R. Clapp’s ‘Nothin’ But Us Liberals Here’ (scans)

If you would like to read something of mine along these lines, I would direct you to an early post called “Homo Liber.”


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