… Oh my!…

Last night, I began working on Luke 9:18-27 for memory.
But something terrible happened. Somehow I became consciously aware that the syllabic rhythm of the words “elders and chief priests and scribes” is exactly the same as “lions and tigers and bears.”
Now I can’t get it out of my head… and I want to be serious about this!
But maybe this brings new meaning to the idea of the Lord’s enemies grumbling (growling?) against Him?…


12 thoughts on “… Oh my!…

  1. That is really an interesting thought…at least the gravity of it is. The horrible fearful beasts mixed with Jesus’ enemies.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY!!!! I Love you and wish I was home to celebrate with you!! 🙂
    (Now you aren’t half as old as me. 😉 )

    • Thank you, Sweetheart! But did you mean to word your last sentence so as to put the meaning in reverse?… (I’ve *never *been half as old as you.) From October, 2011 to March, 2012, we’ll do the half thing again. I’ll be 42, and you’ll be 21! 🙂 I wish you were here too! I miss you big time!

    • Yeah… It is kinda funny.
      I just don’t like the idea of connecting a silly laugh to something that is meant to be rather serious.
      But then I know that the Lord does not expect me to be a sober-sided stick-in-the-mud. So it seemed best to share with visitors to TLW my little rolling eyed sigh with the Lord.
      Thanks for the birthday wish!
      It was a bit of a breathless day, but a very good one nonetheless. I got to hang out with my family (except for Kortney, who talked with me on the phone a couple of times for something like 90 minutes all together) and just be on auto-pilot. A very good day, indeed! 🙂

  2. This made me laugh. Still, won’t it make this verse easier to remember? Terrible as it might be, this sort of gimmick is how they taught us to remember Bible verses in Sunday school….. 😉

    By the way, happy birthday!! 🙂 (though it’s probably a little late, now…)

    • Thanks for the wish, Beth!
      It’s true that I will certainly remember that part of the passage because of this.
      I would never make light of the Lord’s sacrifice or the road of persecution which He walked. But I can also sense the smile of heaven over a thing like this– just a silly moment exchanged between the Lord and me–but not one that makes any fun of Him. It just makes me roll my eyes…

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