My Best Friend

Saturday (the 6th) was Shelly’s and my 21st wedding anniversary.
On the one hand, it seems that we’ve been on a very long road together, like we’ve been together for forty-one years. I suppose that’s because I’m now 41 years old, but it seems to me that my life began when my RJ (the name I call her when I address her) became my wife. Everything that came chronologically before her in my life just seems to me now like a prelude to the life that is ours together.
On the other hand, it seems only like a few days ago that our adventure began (Gen. 29:20). 🙂
I thank the Lord for her all the time! She is my eysheth-chayil (“woman of noble character” in Prov. 31:10 and Ruth 3:11). Far more than anyone or anything else I have ever read or encountered, she has taught me the meaning of the biblical concept of agathosune (“goodness” in Rom. 15:17 and Gal. 5:22). I have never known anyone like her.
I love you, RJ!!!
Let’s do another 21!!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Best Friend

  1. Congrats on the Ani! I can’t believe you two have been together so long. Makes me feel old….hahaha. Well that was sweet Cub! Now I am going to lose my lunch. lol. May the next 21 be even more wonderful. I look at you two as a wonderful example. Love you guys.

  2. Absolutely beautiful….put tears in my eyes…to love and be loved like that is a once in a lifetime event that I only dream about…thank you for being such a good brother-in-law and loving my sister the way your do. She deserves you and you deserve her…

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