Stephen Charnock on the Debt of Gratitude

As we head into this Thanksgiving week, it seems good to post a few thoughts about the importance of gratitude. Here is a treasure from the Puritan theologian, Stephen Charnock:

How worthy it is to remember former benefits, when we come to beg for new. Never were the records of God’s mercies so exactly revised, as when His people have stood in need of new editions of His power. How necessary are our wants to stir us up to pay the rent of thankfulness in arrear! He renders himself doubly unworthy of the mercies he wants, that doth not gratefully acknowledge the mercies he hath received. God scarce promised any deliverance to the Israelites, and they, in their distress, scarce prayed for any deliverance; but that from Egypt was mentioned on both sides, by God to encourage them, and by them to acknowledge their confidence in Him. The greater our dangers, the more we should call to mind God’s former kindness.


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