Thankful for Firewood

Each year at Thanksgiving time, I find myself wanting to get my heart ready for Thanksgiving Day. But each year, I can’t quite seem to get there until the day after. This year, I put a couple of posts here in the days leading up to Thanksgiving–really as an effort to prepare my own heart. But again, I was not caught up into the profound depth gratitude that I had hoped until after the holiday had passed and I had opportunity to reflect. It’s not too big a deal, I suppose. I am glad that it sinks in at some point, anyway.

Lately, our family has had opportunity to observe things and people in such a way as to be reminded of the goodness of God. And somehow, that breeds a thankfulness that then shines over practically everything in life. You find yourself being thankful for this and thankful for that.

My cousin-in-law took me up onto a beautiful mountain yesterday to cut almost a full cord of firewood and bring it home to heat our house for the winter. A young man was also along for the ride and the work who is following the Lord, committing his life to be an evangelist. It was a joy to get to know him. I gave him my e-mail address, so that he could add me to his distribution list for prayer, as he goes for more ministry training.

The mountain and trees and snow were beautiful, and my soreness of back from climbing around with firewood seems to be the kind that will not be too bad by tomorrow. All things to be thankful for.

I am also thankful for the fact that this haul of wood comes just as we are nearing the end of another such blessing which came this summer. My friend Will, who is currently serving in Afghanistan took my son with him one day this summer and brought us back a truck load of wood. I have been thankful for that gift for months, but especially in the last couple of months, as the weather has turned chilly.

I look forward to Will’s next trip home. He has been a blessing to my family and me as we have seen him grow in faith in the Lord over the past several years. Shelly and I were thanking the Lord for him a lot on the day when he took our son on the outing to get the wood.

These thoughts are just a few of the many that I have been ruminating on lately. These days, I find myself thanking the Lord for simple things and good people in my life. I think this is His way of preparing my heart for this Christmas, a Christmas which is shaping up to be quite challenging in certain ways.

I pray that we will be brought to Bethlehem in a fresh way this year, thanking the Lord for simple things, good people, and the Light that shined in the darkness.


4 thoughts on “Thankful for Firewood

  1. I’ve got some wood too…we call it landscaping, but every time I get out my saws-all, it smiles at those tress like it knows something sinister…Let me know if you want some…

    • Merci, mon frere!
      I think we’re good for quite a while to come, but thank you for the offer!
      We need to hang and get java (or whatever your poison you prefer) sometime soon!

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