Wringing in the New Year

Well, it’s 2011 already!… 2010 seemed to me like a whisper in the night, gone as fast as it came.

Sometimes the life of faith can be quite a white-knuckle ride. As the calendar flips from 2010 to 2011, I find myself not ringing bells, but wringing my hands. It has been–and continues to be–very crazy these days. I was hardly able to do anything here on TLW during the month of December. And the hecticity shows little sign of letting up soon.

I had hoped to write provocative post about New Year’s resolutions. I was planning on pointing to the resolutions of Jonathan Edwards, the Colonial Era New England Puritan theologian and revival preacher. But then I saw that my friend Keith had written something almost exactly like what I meant to do. Thanks for saving me some work, Keith! 🙂

So I will just point visitors to The Long War to Keith’s post and change my color scheme for January. If you are interested to see the resolutions of Edwards, Keith has the full list in this post.

Here is wishing all a blessed New Year!


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