Where Do You Put Your Faith?

The Dalai Lama recently made it official. In his enlightened opinion, the human race is definitely getting better. What a relief!

I’m just curious… In whom or in what do you put your faith?

Or let me ask more specifically: How much do you trust voices like those of the Dalai Lama? Of President Obama? Of Fox News? How much stock do you put in the oh-so-authoritative halls of received and established scientific wisdom? When the Discovery channel tells you things about the age of the earth or the origin of the human species, how much do you believe or doubt them? Come on, be honest! Deep down, you have doubts, either way.

How much do you believe in the voices which claim to know the answers to the world’s problems? When they claim to know the best way to guide us all into a bright future, how much do you trust them?

Do you suppose people support politicians and celebrities because they agree with them? Or, at some level, do they actually have faith in them? Maybe that’s too silly, since everyone knows that politicians and celebrities cannot really be counted on. So let me put it this way: How much do you suppose people’s support of their favorite personalities is really showing that they really badly want to believe in someone like them?

I hope to write very soon, exploring this very issue… from a very interesting angle.
(Hope that’s enough of a teaser. 🙂 )


6 thoughts on “Where Do You Put Your Faith?

  1. After a study (call it a skim…whatever) of the book of Ecclesiastes, I am convinced of the value of living a simple life devoted to Christ. To wake up, smile at him, work hard (at doing justice and mercy), sleep well, enjoy life in the process…

    Yeah, I’m interested…and we need to connect our families up again soon…

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