The End of Wisdom

Here now is a third—and I hope, final—almost post. This last Sunday, I spoke the third of three sermons for which I was scheduled in this summer’s series on Proverbs at Spring Mountain. As indicated in the previous two posts, if anyone is interested to hear it, the link to our church’s website should lead you to it.
I didn’t use any Powerpoint this time, so I don’t need to put that here.
I was worried that I would go too long on this one. And sure enough! I was at least six or seven minutes over. Not quite as bad as last time, but close… I easily had 60-90 minutes worth of stuff that I would love to have covered, but only about 30 minutes in which to do it. So I took about 36 or 37. 😦
Anyway, in preparing for this message, I made a new friend: Agur the son of Jakeh!
I hope to do some writing here soon on this amazing man and his prophetic wisdom. But here is the sermon, anyway.


2 thoughts on “The End of Wisdom

  1. Thanks so much for posting these. I’ve been listening to them on the way to work sometimes. Hope to see more writing from you soon!

    P.S. You know what would be a great outlet for all that information you didn’t get to cover in this sermon (and I imagine others)? A Bible study group/class! Just saying. 😉 If you ever do something like that, let me know!

    P.P.S. I live in Hillsboro now, over by Streets of Tanasbourne! I would love to see you and Shelly sometime, if you have time. I know you guys are always busy. 🙂

    • Hey, Beth! Sorry to take so long to reply… In the past few months, I have literally only logged on to The Long War to do a quick logistic item, or to post one of these “almost” posts, and then log off to run on to the next errand. Thanks for doing me the honor of listening to my messages. 🙂 As always, please feel free to drop by the house any time! If we’re here, you are just about always welcome to join in on whatever we’re up to. And chances are, what we’ll be up to is visiting with you. If you want to schedule something more defined, though, just let us know.

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