Un – Failing

I have cheated, but I am not a cheater.
I have stolen, but I am not a thief.
I have lied, but I am not a liar.
I am a liar, but I am not a lie.

I have fought, but I am not a brawler.
I have gone mad, but I am not a madman.
I have betrayed, but I am not a traitor.
I have killed, but I am not a murderer.
I am a murderer, but I am not death.

I have been drunk, but I am not a drunkard.
I have sinned, but I am not a sinner.
I have worshiped idols, but I am not an idolater.
I have committed adultery, but I am not an adulterer.
I am an adulteress, but I am not unwed.

I wander, but I am not a wanderer.
I fail, but I am not a failure.
I am a failure, but “failure” is not who I am.

I cheat, I steal, I lie.
But I am not these things.
I fight, I go mad, I betray, I kill.
But I am not thus defined.
I drink, I sin, I do idols, I commit adultery.
But my identity is not therein.
I wander.  I fail.
But these are not my name.

I cheat, but Christ is fair.
I steal, but Christ gives away.
I lie, but Christ is the Truth.
He is the Truth, and He speaks me.

I fight, but Christ is peace.
I go mad, but Christ renews my mind.
I betray, but Christ is faithful.
I kill, but Christ is the Life.
He is the Life, and I am alive in Him.

I drink, but the Spirit of Christ longs to fill me.
I sin, but Christ beats temptation.
I worship idols, but the Son leads me before the Father.
I commit adultery, but Christ is my Bridegroom.
He is the Bridegroom, and I will never be unloved.

I wander, but Christ is the Way.
I fail, but Christ has overcome.
He has overcome, and I conquer in Him.

Christ knew no sin.  I know it well.
Christ becomes sin.  I become God’s righteousness.
Christ is in me.
I am in Christ.
All is new.


6 thoughts on “Un – Failing

    • Hey, Beth!
      Yep! Still around! But I haven’t done much on TLW in quite a while.
      Who knows? Maybe I’ll start doing more here again…
      And, yes, I did write it.
      I am not much of a poet, but here is an honest attempt at something sort of poetic—ish. 🙂

  1. Hello, Casey,
    Wanted to let you know that Nellie has published her latest book now at Kindle and Nook… “Beast from the Sea”. She’s using the pen name, R.B. Kannon.

    • Hey, Brian —
      Thanks for letting me know!
      I don’t use either of those devices, but I’ll try to figure out how to get my hands on a copy, anyway.
      Wow! Tell Ms. Kannon “Congratulations!” for me!!! 😉
      — KC

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