Apologizing for the Lack of Blogger Reciprocity

So it seems that I’ve been getting some traffic here on asthéneia from people out there in the blogosphere—people I don’t know at all. Some seem to be Christians of one stripe or another. About others, I could not guess. All are welcome.

I guess this sort of attention is what every blogger hopes for—or at least one thing that every blogger thinks would be really cool. But it never really occurred to me that such would happen on my little blog like it seems to be happening lately. I am honored.

But my primary aim in this post is to apologize for the fact that I don’t really have the time or the focus to respond with much reciprocity. It’s all I can do these days to put a thought or two of my own here on asthéneia. I’m afraid I just can’t squeeze in the time for visiting the blogs of everyone who drops by mine. I’m very sorry. Perhaps some day…

In the meanwhile, if you are not offended by my lack of reciprocity, please feel free to drop by asthéneia and/or leave your thoughts here any time. All comments will be posted just as soon as I can approve them, unless they are of a highly offensive nature (undue profanity, illicit subject matter, racist rants, etc.). And I will always do my best to reply to comments, of course.

With that, then, please allow me to wish you a blessed New Year!


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