For Ambyr, May 14th, 2016

Her daddy gave a name to her when he
Had learned a little bit of Greek to share.
The word “Sophia” fit her to a tee,
Yet many others would be just as fair
To give to her and rightly see her wear—
Such fitting names as Phila, Chrēstē, or
Perhaps Pistikē might have fit her more.

Her friends have found no truer friend than she,
Nor anyone whose kindness or whose care
Or faithful presence keeping company
Could comfort them and burdens help them bear.
They know that she would join them anywhere;
In times of joy and those of grief so sore,
Her heart for them has but an open door.

And with her fam’ly she is just as free
In loving us and living with the flare
Designed and put into her heart by He,
Who gave us this amazing Ammie-Bear,
The One who lives through her His love to share.
His death and life the power at her core,
This girl’s a light the world cannot ignore. (Matthew 5:14)


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