This Blog is Changing Names… Again!

This blog was originally titled “The Long War.”

A few years ago, I changed the name to “asthéneia” (Greek for “weakness”), because I felt the need to have my title emphasize the importance of the call to embrace weakness.

Now I am changing back to the original name.  Here is why:

I have just begun a second blog which will be more focused on the aspects of my thought which led to the prior change.  That is, it will be dealing with the ideas of heroism, power, greatness, and the biblical call to weakness.  The new blog, geberology, will be a bit more academic in focus, allowing this one to be more personal and devotional by comparison.  (Actually, both blogs will be both academic and devotional, but not equally so.)

Therefore, it is best to return to the title which comes from my life verse (II Samuel 3:1) and the over all theme of the life which the Lord has given me so far.

So… Welcome back to TLW!…  🙂


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