Back to School!

My Fall Reading List

My Fall Reading List

Well, Lord-willing, this year I will be finishing off the MA I began a million years ago.
I actually had to meet with a few professors this summer to demonstrate competency and currency in several disciplines from classes that I took a long time ago.

I have completed 50 of the 64 semester hours for my MABTS (Biblical and Theological Studies).  So it’s 10 hours this fall, 4 in the spring, and it’s done!

On the docket for the fall are:
THS502  —  Theology II   (4 hrs)
THS560  —  20th Century Theology   (3 hrs)
NTS560  —  Thessalonian Epistles   (2 hrs)
RES500  —  Graduate Research & Writing   (1 hr)

Spring will be:
THS508  —  Integrating Theology and Ministry   (2 hrs)
RES502  —  Thesis   (2 hrs)

Though the 2-hours of credit I will receive for my thesis are to be earned in the spring, I have to do a significant amount of work on the thesis this fall.  I will be meeting with my reader-prof this week to find out the calendar due dates of various pieces and phases of drafts through the year.  I will also be finding out–hopefully–the limits and specific direction he wants me to take.  The thesis topic itself is related to a theology of heroism.  There will be more revealing of all of that on “Geberology,” my other blog, in the future.

I am headed into a pretty breathless next few months.
But I am grateful–to the Lord, to my wife, to my kids, to my church, to all the friends who have encouraged me to carry on serving the Lord and his people as a… what am I… a thinker?  Is that a spiritual gift?  😉

May the grace, peace and love of the Messiah be yours in abundance!



5 thoughts on “Back to School!

  1. I would love to go interview your instructors, and bring back my observations and Analysis to give you a heads up, another perspective, and fair warning as you head into the modern Lions Den of Academia. 🙂

    • That would be…… interesting.
      Not that I’m insulted or anything (really, I’m not), but there seem to be a couple of assumptions here:
      1. that there is something inherently dangerous about the academic world of the seminary I attend
      2. that I would be totally blind to the dangers without your help.
      But that’s probably not a totally fair reading of your comment. After all, you did refer to it as “another perspective,” which is usually a helpful thing to have.

      • Quickly, in these days in which we live there is always much to be wary of, especially in the realm of Academia of any program. Simply, your knowledge is excellent, yet my perspective would be valuable to you. Because my master’s degree is not in theology, does not mean that I don’t discern the times accurately and have knowledge that would be useful to you. You may not remember, but I am not typical by any stretch of the imagination. The advantages of being attached at the hip for the rest of your degree program for each of us would be innumerable.:))

  2. Carry on serving the Lord as a….lover of wisdom? A philosopher, a disciple, a teacher? Those are the words I would associate with your “gifts” KC. Sounds like you will be very busy. Matthew and I would love to see you sometime, but having gone through the graduate school process…I understand if your time is full for the next several months. And I would love to read your thesis once you’ve finished. I’m excited about the new theme of your blog!

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