Grieving for a friend…

I just learned that an old friend and colleague has lost his wife.  We knew that her health was pretty fragile, but did not know this was coming.  They have three sons, the oldest of whom is starting his senior year of high school right now.  We are sick at heart for them.

I am praying for them like this:

Oh Lord, grant Your grace and mercy to T___ and his boys!  Protect them from the evil one who will try to make their pain a ground for turning away from You.  Guard their faith!  Let them not be overcome in their grief!  Oh Lord Jesus, be present in their pain (Ps. 34:18; John 11:35)!  Oh, Conqueror of death, hold them close to Your heart!

Lord, A__ trusted You (Ps. 31:14).  Make the hearts of her family know that You have already opened to her the gates of Your eternal kingdom!  Make them know that You have taken her to dwell securely in Your house forever!  Oh loving Father, make them know that there will soon be a joyful reunion for them at Your table!  Even as they weep, Lord, by Your Spirit, give them grace for each day and hour and moment.

Through the precious and gracious name of our Savior, Jesus, I pray.  Amen.


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