Hymn for Epiphany

Ye who walk in darkness here,
Ye who languish in the vale,
See! The Light of God comes near!
Know that grace shall yet prevail!

God, His promise to unveil,
He to save the perishing,
Ends now Israel’s long travail,
He who bears her suffering.

Sages, come, your gifts to bring,
Thinking not of your largesse.
Learn that He’s the King of kings.
It is you who will be blessed!

Of your pride yourselves divest,
Your anxieties and fears.
Come to Him! He bids you rest,
He who bottles up your tears.

He proclaims to them with ears
Of the kingdom in His wake.
‘Tis the King who now appears
With a kingdom naught can shake.



4 thoughts on “Hymn for Epiphany

    • (Wow… This is now the third time I have tried to reply here. Not impressed, wordpress…)

      Thank you, my dear Brother!
      You have been a major inspiration to me. Your forays into the realms of poetry in the past few years have been a great blessing. And I always wanted to try it myself.
      So last year, when I was teaching a bunch of English classes, I did a bunch of research and started dabbling.
      I have enjoyed learning some of the formal patterns. For example, this poem is written in trochaic sesquitrimeter (with a rhyme scheme of a-b-a-b // b-c-b-c // c-d-c-d, etc.), which means each line has seven beats with stress on the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th, like: DAH-dah-DAH-dah-DAH-dah-DAH.
      But so far, my poetry seems to lack the real warmth that I find in that of other poets like you, the kind of ‘fire in the breast’ that poetry is really supposed to be all about.
      Not that I’m an emotional robot that doesn’t really care about the stuff he’s writing—I do care. It just seems to lack that… something.
      But I’m working on it.
      Be it as the Lord wills.

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