Addinsell and Wynette?

All my life I’ve loved the hauntingly beautiful theme from Richard Addinsell’s “Warsaw Concerto.”  It may be a bit hackneyed for some, but it is one of my favorite pieces of music in all the world.

But recently, a rather horrible thing happened.  It occurred to me that this wonderful theme has the same first four notes as Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man.”


Well, I’m determined not to let that ruin it!

The theme is repeated several times throughout the piece, but the most robust occurrences start right after 6:30 in this version.

It’s a great piece for a rainy October afternoon.



2 thoughts on “Addinsell and Wynette?

  1. You mean Tammy Wynette has the same first four notes.

    And what rain? 82 degrees, blue skies, thinking about 18 holes on the golf course 🙂

  2. Excellent piece of music.
    Do not fret my man. It obviously was a very attractive arrangement of notes. Someone else did some appreciation of this concerto long before we did.
    Also the sentiment in Tammy Wynnette’s song is a noble one. Many have benefited from such a “wifely” practice in spite of ourselves. Amen?

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