Robots Say the Darnedest Things

Just got off the phone with the menu robot at CVS pharmacy. (You can refill a prescription without talking to a single human being!)
At the end, it said this:
“To ___, press 1.
To ___, press 2.
To ___, press 3.
To ___, press 4.
To ___, press 5.
To end this call, press 6.
Or hang up.”


From student work on Shakespeare…

A student paper says, “At the age of 18 William married Anne Hathaway a 26-year-old elderly woman.”
I feel ancient.

A little later, the same paper reads, “Their youngest daughter is Judith who grew to marry a tavern owner named John Quincy who was 4 years younger than her at the time.”
I guess maybe he caught up to her later on.

And, believe it or not, this follows in the same paper: “In Shakespeare’s life he wrote at least 37 plays, some we don’t know about.”
The curiosity is killing me.

Conversation with a 7–Year Old

The other day I was taking a moment to dialogue with a few of the kids in my wife’s daycare business. Most of those who were talking to me were girls. The subject of toys at the store came up. One of the boys who is of school age (and so is just here with his little brother for the summer) seemed to be taking an interest in the conversation.
So I turned to him…
Me: So what do you think? Do you like to go down the pink aisle?
C: No!
Me: What’s on the pink aisle?
C: Barbies and babies…
Me: Princess stuff?
C: Yeah… [look of disgust]
Me: So you don’t like to go down the pink aisle, huh?
C: Nah. I like to go down the violence aisle!
Me: ?
C: You know, guns and swords!…