Back to School!

My Fall Reading List

My Fall Reading List

Well, Lord-willing, this year I will be finishing off the MA I began a million years ago.
I actually had to meet with a few professors this summer to demonstrate competency and currency in several disciplines from classes that I took a long time ago.

I have completed 50 of the 64 semester hours for my MABTS (Biblical and Theological Studies).  So it’s 10 hours this fall, 4 in the spring, and it’s done!

On the docket for the fall are:
THS502  —  Theology II   (4 hrs)
THS560  —  20th Century Theology   (3 hrs)
NTS560  —  Thessalonian Epistles   (2 hrs)
RES500  —  Graduate Research & Writing   (1 hr)

Spring will be:
THS508  —  Integrating Theology and Ministry   (2 hrs)
RES502  —  Thesis   (2 hrs)

Though the 2-hours of credit I will receive for my thesis are to be earned in the spring, I have to do a significant amount of work on the thesis this fall.  I will be meeting with my reader-prof this week to find out the calendar due dates of various pieces and phases of drafts through the year.  I will also be finding out–hopefully–the limits and specific direction he wants me to take.  The thesis topic itself is related to a theology of heroism.  There will be more revealing of all of that on “Geberology,” my other blog, in the future.

I am headed into a pretty breathless next few months.
But I am grateful–to the Lord, to my wife, to my kids, to my church, to all the friends who have encouraged me to carry on serving the Lord and his people as a… what am I… a thinker?  Is that a spiritual gift?  😉

May the grace, peace and love of the Messiah be yours in abundance!



Announcing the Launch of a New Blog!

I am excited to announce the launch of my new blog, GEBEROLOGY!
(That’s pronounced ‘GHEH-bur-AH-luh-jee,’ NOT “Gerber”ology, for those comedians out there who will want to make wisecracks about how I’ve taken up the study of hunting knives or baby food.)
It has been in the beta phase for a while, but I think it is now ready enough to be unveiled for my millions of blog followers. 😉
Right now, there is only one post, a “welcome” post, on the main page. But a second post will show up within the hour, and more will be coming shortly.

Why a second blog?
I decided I needed to have a site that was more centered around my decades-long work of studying heroism, manhood, power, greatness and the great biblical truths about these things which run directly against the world’s ideas about them.
For the past six years or so, I have used this present blog, The Long War, as a way to focus on those sorts of topics as well as a myriad other things.
Now this blog will be where I write about most things which are not necessarily related to the issues involved in Geberology. To be sure, there is quite a bit of overlap between the two—the notion of “the long war,” after all, comes from my recognizing the centrality of the theme of heroism in the biblical narrative (II Samuel 3:1). But the distinction of focus between the two blogs will be helpful to me, and pretty quickly, to anyone who cares to follow either or both of them.

So without any further ado, here is the link to visit “GEBEROLOGY!”
Once there, you can use the “FOLLOW” apparatus in the side column to subscribe, if you are so inclined.

Thanks, in advance, to any who stop by and leave any feedback of any sort.
Grace and peace from the Hero of Heroes,
— KC/Talmid