Family Quotes


“It’s no fun when people help each other.”
– Tanner

“When I tried to explain it to Ambyr, she confused me.”
– Kortney

“I figure, if they wanted me to get a hold of them, they would have called me.”
– Shelly

“It [my good mood] hasn’t been gone. I’ve just been a little cranky.”
– Shelly

“It’s larger than a cantaloupe, and faster.”
– Tanner (about an African animal called an eland)

“Shamus, I’m gonna use you as a human napkin.”
– Tanner (as he wiped something off his hand onto the dog)

Kortney: “It was a woolly mammal.”
Ambyr: “You mean, it was a sheep?”

“I’m so nice, I hate myself.”
– Kortney

“It’s really good! You’ll hate it.”
– Brynn

“Try it! It hurts!”
– Brynn

“You would think: It’s fast food – an idiot could do it… Well, there’s an idiot there, and he can’t do it!”
– Kortney (mildly frustrated with her job at Burger King)

“You look like an idiot. Where’s my Bible?”
– Shelly (spoken to Tanner as he was going from the car into church in 20 degree weather in a t-shirt and ski cap)

“Apparently, my sins aren’t good enough.”
– Brynn (after her Bible teacher made her redo an assignment listing several specific sins)

“Don’t play Pokemon in the bathroom! That’s gross!”
— Ambyr

“Those who know my past don’t believe in my future.”
— Trent

“Some of them are cheaters… like… legitimately cheaters.”
— Ambyr

“They weren’t there to fight. They were there to hand out food. How stupid is that?”
– Todd (referring to the American troops in Somalia under Bush I)

“I don’t want my shirt to touch me.”
– Shelly

“I want to be a midget — just for Halloween.”
— Ambyr

“You could not think of one quote for me with all of my strong opinions, and truth seeking baloney?”
— Tim

“I didn’t get that, but I’m sure it was funny.”
— Erin

Ambyr: “You’re 15. You don’t know everything.”
Tanner: “You’re 19. You don’t know everything too.”

“I’m sick of doing laundry… NO!… No, I’m not going to say that, ’cause I don’t want my washer and dryer to break.”
– Shelly (SOOOOO cute! 😉 )

“I was going to wake you up, but you were asleep.”
– Shelly

“My English class is really hard on me… to me… for me… I don’t know.”
– Brynn

“Today I realized that I’m more observant than I appear.”
– Brynn

“That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in a long time… seriously.”
– Jason

“Oh my gosh… Let it go to rest!”
— Jason

“I hate it when I’m a nuisance to other people. It’s the one thing I can’t stand.”
– Tanner

“I need to go over the budget to see whether we can do this Faith thing.”
– Shelly

“I have a really short attention span when it comes to books–Oh! That’s what I forgot!”
– Darby

“They have a lot of ESP students.”
– Shelly

“They’re both a cute couple.”
– Shelly

“The UPS guy comes to the door, and Shamus goes bizarre.”
– Shelly

“Go ahead and pray.  I’ll lecture her afterwards.”
– Shelly, with reference to Brynn

“Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, that’s exactly what happens. One time out of ten, it doesn’t.”
– Shelly

“I don’t bite with my front teeth. It grosses me out.”
– Brynn

“I don’t feel like using my brain.”
— Jason

“A little violence never hurt anyone.”
— Trent

“This is really good food. I wish I was young.”
— Shelly

“Ow!… What the?… I’m taller than I remember.”
— Tanner

“I’m at a lost for words.”
— Jason

“I’ll get right off that.”
— Shelly, after Brynn asked her to stop doing something

Brynn: “Ughh! That is one of the worst words in the world!”
Me: “Illinois?”
Brynn: “Yes! I wish it didn’t exist. It’s terrible. I mean, it’s ‘ILL’ – ‘ANNOY’!”

“It’s really gross, but it’s awesome. It’s definitely healed me from wanting cows, though.”
— Shelly, on a TV show about a country veterinarian

“Sometimes I like to use my double chin for emphasis.”
— Brynn

“Oh, my word! I wonder if I remember that!”
— Shelly

“On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s… pretty bad.”
— Shelly

“The only thing stopping you is your mental mind.”
– Shelly

“Wow, Ambyr, way to stroke your own eagle.”
– Brynn

“I’m pretty sure I’d still shower, even if I could like my chest.”
– Tanner

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