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On this page, I am putting various resources for my students.


FBHS English 10 Test on Adjectives and Adverbs

If you recently took this test but need to bolster your score, here is the offer:
1. Download and print this copy of the test:
English 10 – TEST on Adjectives and Adverbs (Online Retake Version)
2. Get together with a parent, sibling or friend whom you know to be pretty good at grammar, someone NOT in our class. Have them help you go through the test. They are not to do it for you, but to help you as you take another crack at it.
3. Have the person who helped you sign the note at the end of the test.
4. Bring it back to class by Tuesday, May 30th.
5. I will take it and give you the appropriate score enhancement. Depending on your effort with this, it the enhancement could be quite significant. 🙂
— Mr. Stewart


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