A few months ago, I took a class called “The History of Christianity in America.” It was a very enlightening (pun half intended :-)) class.
I wanted to learn about the situation of peace Christians in the time before, during and right after the American Revolution. So I chose that for my research topic for my main paper.
The paper that resulted was sort of like the one below–not especially good. But the info was pretty solid, and a reading will at least provide a certain measure of food for thought.
Anyway, here is the paper: Sheep Among Wolves – KCS


This is a paper I have recently written for a seminary class.
My own critique: I really like a lot of the ideas in it, but the arrangement is too scattered, and the writing is too youngish for my age. That’s what happens when you run out of time, I guess…
Anyway, I would love to hear feedback on the concepts from anyone who has nothing but time to read such things. 🙂
Just click on the title below…

The Hospitable Kingdom – An Open-Hearted Exclusivism


This is a paper I wrote for a seminary class back in 2003. I am not sure that I would make every argument the same way now, but for the most part. I would still hold to the position I set forth herein.
At the classical Christian school where I used to teach, I gave this paper to a class of students who were studying Bibliology with me. And sometime after that, I had a bit of trouble come my way. One parent told me that he had given my paper to his pastor and that his pastor had called it “sophistry.”
In the end, there was a meeting in the headmaster’s office with two parents, and a board member and me. At one point in the discussion, the two parents asked, “Are there inaccuracies in the Bible or not?” My answer was that there were not.
A few minutes later, I wished I had responded this way: I will answer your question, but first you must answer mine. What standard would you have me use to judge God’s word to be either accurate or inaccurate? No doubt, that would have gotten me into even more trouble. 🙂
Well, here’s the paper: TEXTWORLD INERRANCY (Book Antiqua)
If you have a chance to look it over, I would be most interested in finding out whether you think me a heretic or a “sophist.” 🙂


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