For My Wife on Mother’s Day: a Husband’s Confession

20170505_143600Well, I took out the garbage today
And expected a “Hip-hip-hooray!”
So it did get my goat,
When my wife took no note,
Let alone had a “thank you” to say.

When I pointed out what I had done,
She just paused and said, “Oh, thank you, Hon…”
Then went on scrubbing floors
And with other such chores
On her list of a hundred and one.

How she gets so much done, I don’t know,
But it’s clear that it’s never for show.
Yet I would be remiss,
If I didn’t say this:
That her setting is always on “Go!”

And all of it’s done with the touch
Of a gentle, sweet Mom who gets such
Little rest for her lids,
Taking care of her kids
And the husband who loves her so much.


Hymn for Epiphany

Ye who walk in darkness here,
Ye who languish in the vale,
See! The Light of God comes near!
Know that grace shall yet prevail!

God, His promise to unveil,
He to save the perishing,
Ends now Israel’s long travail,
He who bears her suffering.

Sages, come, your gifts to bring,
Thinking not of your largesse.
Learn that He’s the King of kings.
It is you who will be blessed!

Of your pride yourselves divest,
Your anxieties and fears.
Come to Him! He bids you rest,
He who bottles up your tears.

He proclaims to them with ears
Of the kingdom in His wake.
‘Tis the King who now appears
With a kingdom naught can shake.


The One True Scandal

Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” is horrible but not at all shocking.

Hillary Clinton’s political surgical taking out of Bernie Sanders is also horrible.

And many, many more examples could be stacked up under each name.  There is no surprise in any of these things.

What is truly scandalous is that Christians continue to attach their hopes to either of these two people–or to anyone in Washington.

We have a King.  He is our hope.

This Blog is Changing Names… Again!

This blog was originally titled “The Long War.”

A few years ago, I changed the name to “asthéneia” (Greek for “weakness”), because I felt the need to have my title emphasize the importance of the call to embrace weakness.

Now I am changing back to the original name.  Here is why:

I have just begun a second blog which will be more focused on the aspects of my thought which led to the prior change.  That is, it will be dealing with the ideas of heroism, power, greatness, and the biblical call to weakness.  The new blog, geberology, will be a bit more academic in focus, allowing this one to be more personal and devotional by comparison.  (Actually, both blogs will be both academic and devotional, but not equally so.)

Therefore, it is best to return to the title which comes from my life verse (II Samuel 3:1) and the over all theme of the life which the Lord has given me so far.

So… Welcome back to TLW!…  🙂